Partnership Preserves Land for the Future

Ensuring the longevity and future of agriculture is a cornerstone of the National FFA Foundation. Therefore, it makes sense that the organization would collaborate with American Farmland Trust (AFT) to preserve farmland.

AFT is the only national organization dedicated to protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices and keeping farmers on the land. Since 1980, AFT has protected more than 5 million acres of American farmland.

"The FFA is literally the future of agriculture in the U.S.," says Jerry Cosgrove, farm legacy director for AFT. "To the extent we can help FFA achieve the goals of its members and permanently protect land, that's a win-win in a big way."

AFT's dedication to farmland, as it works to cultivate the future of farming by encouraging its members to donate land and ensure it is permanently available for agriculture use, makes it the perfect partner for the National FFA Foundation.

"The memorandum of understanding with American Farmland Trust is the beginning of an exciting, mutually beneficial partnership," says Mark Poeschl, chief executive officer of the National FFA. "Our nearly 670,000 student FFA members are learning to be leaders in the industry of agriculture, and American Farmland Trust will help us sustain the future of FFA."

Join Us in Protecting Farmland

Be our partner and ensure the future of farming by including a gift to the National FFA in your estate plan. Contact Jim Williams at or 317-802-4226 to learn about the variety of giving options available to you.