Forever Blue Circle

The National FFA Foundation's Forever Blue Circle is our way of thanking and recognizing those who have planned for the future of FFA by making a future gift to the National FFA Foundation. Just a confirmation that a future gift has been arranged and an estimate of the gift's amount is sufficient to join. You may become a member in any of the following ways:

  • A bequest in a will or trust.
  • A beneficiary designation in a retirement plan.
  • Ownership or beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • A gift annuity.
  • Charitable remainder trust.
  • Any other planned gift that provides for the future of FFA.

Lawrence L. Augenstein made the first recorded planned gift to FFA in 1979. Augenstein was a member of the first National FFA Officer Team. He designated FFA as the recipient of his life insurance policy. Larry was a humble man and made the gift in memory of his son, Robert William Augenstein. Since then, many have made planned gifts as a way to honor or remember those close to them, or to recognize the positive impact FFA had on their own lives.

If you have made provisions for FFA through a planned gift or would like to, we invite you to join the Forever Blue Circle. Becoming a member is easy and there is no minimum gift amount required for membership. Simply let us know what type of planned gift you have executed, the gift's estimated value, and provide us with a copy of the gift instrument.

Join the Forever Blue Circle — contact us:
Jim Williams
Planned Giving Officer Phone: 317-802-4226